Create your own kwami with the Miraculous Kwami Creator! Choose between a large variety of different options, including ears, tails, wings and more. When you're done, take a screenshot and share your kwami with the world!

Disclaimer: Miraculous is a TV show owned and created by Zagtoon and Method Animation. The Miraculous Kwami Creator is a fangame made by me. It's not meant for profit, just for fun!

How to take a screenshot

  • To take a screenshot on Mac, hold down ShiftCommand and 4 on your keyboard.
  • To take a screenshot on Windows, use the Snipping Tool or the Print Screen button on your keyboard.
  • If you want to use the in-game screenshot feature, I recommend downloading the Mac and Windows version of the game!

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Name: Six

Miraculous: Bracelet

Power: can freeze anything it touches

Transformation: Six, time to howl!


Demorph: Six, howls out.


favorite food: cookies


çok güzelll

Name: Korall

Miraculous: Amulet

Power: Can control water, cause huge waves

Transformation:  Korall, Let's Swim!

Detransformation: Korall, Let's Rest.

Favourite Food: Cereal

Animal: Fish

Name: kai 

Superhero name: Batress

Owner: lily Rodriges 

Powers: super vision , flight , strength , and durability .

Transformation: kia , super view

Detransformation:  kia, view rest 

Favorite food: tacos

Weapon: a dull sword to block/defend .

Miraculous: locket 

Camouflaged: silver round locket 

loaded: purple locket with bat wing in center 

Power word: echo

Hiding place: My small backpack  

Name: Flamee

Superhero Name: Pyro

Owner: Donnie Blake

Powers: Volcanic, Sun, Heat and Fire Powers

Transformation: Flamee Incinerate!

Detransformation: Flamee Cool Off.

Favourite Foods: Flambè and anything hot

Weapon: Flaming Sword

Accessory: Pendant

Camouflaged: Silver Pendant With a Gold Dragon Symbol

Loaded: Black Pendant With a Glowing Red Flaming Dragon Symbol

Power Word: FIRE ATTACK!!

Home City: London

Miracle Box: European Miracle Box

Hiding Place:  Hollow Umbrella Handle

Miracle Box Disguise: Sculpture of the Tree of Life

Affiliation: Order of The Sentinels

About the Sentinels: Older than the guardians and can manipulate and create kwamis.

Name: Glacy

Superhero name: Glacer

Owner : Jessie Chang

Powers: turn anything into ice when touched by her

Transformation Words:Glacy Berg

Detransformation : Glacy Grue

Animal: Dragawolf

Favorite Snack : Carrots

Weapon: A Rope

Accessory: A second earring

What the earring looks like without transformation :Silver with gold spots

What it look like with transformation: all gold

Power words: Gruepeal!

Hiding place: Handbag

(1 edit)

Name: Klaaw

Superhero Name: Wolfpack

Owner: Sam Blackman

Powers: Energy manipulation and Atomic destruction

Transformation: Klaaw, Energize!

Detransformation: Klaaw, Power Down.

Animal: Wolf

Favourite Food:  Pizza (Any kind but vegan and vegetarian)

Weapon: Tommy Gun

Accessory: Bracelet

Camouflaged: Gold lined Diamond crested Silver Bracelet

Loaded: White Diamond Bracelet with glowing light blue wolf paw.

Power words: Atomic Blast! Construct! Defend! Energy Barrage! Sword Slash!

Home City: San Francisco

Power Up Modes: Starwolf, Aquawolf, Icewolf

Miracle Box: European Miracle Box

Hiding Place: Suit Jacket

Miracle Box Disguise: Sculpture of the Tree of Life

Affiliation: Order of The Sentinels

About the Sentinels: Older than the guardians and can manipulate and create kwamis.


(2 edits)

Name: Izzy

Owner: Tegan Agreste ( Adrien and marinettes kid)

Power: to get light to there hands

Transformation: Izzy ring the bells

Detransformation: Izzy stop the bells

Animal: Cow

Power words: lightnow

Heroname:  Cowborg

Favrovite Food:  Corn

Weapon: stick post

Accessory: Earings

Name: Crystal

Power: To Freeze a Villan (Or Anyone) By Touching with Horn.

 Transformation: "Crystal, Glow My Horn!"                                                                                          

Detransformaton: "Crystal, Darken My Horn"

Owner: Luna Crystal


 NAME - Lunaris

OWNER- Kristyan Davenchi

WEAPON - giant axe

FAV FOOD - Chicken Sandwich ( no veggies, with mayo )

CALL - " Start the spell Lunaris! "

END CALL- " Finish the spell Lunaris! "

ACCESSORY - Spike choker

HERO NAME - Moon Blazer


she is ready to cast any spell and believes that Kristan is a witch 

Adı : carling Gücü: salyası var bulaşinca cikmiyo yapış yapi sahibinden habersiz gücünü kullanırsa Eyfel kulesi ni salyayla kaplyabilir

Türü: inek

Sahibi: şu durmadan resim çizen cozugun arkadaşı kırmızı ceketli olan

Dönüsüm yaparken söylediği söz : salia powerr!!(yıkık beneklerre deki gibi bir ses tonu var yani saliaa powerr! Giibi:))

(1 edit)

Kwami Name: Namiri

Kwami Gender: Female

Superpowers: Supersonic Roar, Lasso Tail, Super Speed and Strength 

Power words: Super Roar!!!

Superhero Name: Bengala

Kwami Animal: Leopard

Transformation: Namiri, Paws Prawl

Detransformation: Namiri, Paws Sleep

Disguised Accessory: Anklet with Black Circle Pendant and Gold Strings

Powered Accessory: Anklet with Gold Paw Print in Circle Pendant and Black Strings

Weapon: Tails Functions as a Lasso or Whip

Favorite Food: Deli Meats

Kwami Name: Aponi (a-pawn-ee)

Kwami Gender: Female

Superpowers: Flight, Strong Winds (by wings), Flower Bloom

Power words:  Aponi, Bloom

Superhero Name: Monarch

Kwami Animal: Monarch Butterfly

Transformation: Aponi, Wings Rise

Detransformation: Aponi, Wings Rest

Accessory: Black Ring of Butterfly with Orange Spots

Disguised Accessory: Ring (gem of an orange butterfly)

Weapon: Flower Staff (orange flower)

Favorite Food: Honey

Name: Nekuto

Animal: Dragon and Snake

Transformation: Nekuto fires up

Detransformation: Nekuto fire extinguished

Accessory: wristband

Favorite food: sushi

Weapon: Tail

Owner: Matarika

Superhero name: dragon warrior

Ability: fire and poison

Strong Words: Nekuto poison

(1 edit)

Name: Shade
Animal: Wolf
Transformation: Shade, The full moon is approaching

Detransformation: The night ends

Accessory: Watch

Camouflaged: Normal watch, normal time

Loaded: Silver Black Watch, Time until detransformation

Favorite food: Raw meat

Weapon: Extension Bone

Owner: Jake (No last name due to secret identities)

Superhero name: Shadow Kid

Ability: Darkness (Blind victim of Darkness)

Power Words: Shadow Curtain!

name: wolf

animal: black alpha wolf

transformation: WOLF, the night has fallen


accessory: necklace

camouflaged: all silver

loaded: a silver wolf paw with blue background

tool: yoyo in black, with a wolf drawing in blue on it

gender: male

Name:Choo Choo

Animal:Grey Wolf

Transformation:Choo Choo Lets Run!

Detransformation:Choo Choo Lets rest

Miraulous:Black\Purple\Grey Choker

Tool:Dog Bone


Abilities word:Wolf Bite




Kwami Fav Food:Pizza

(1 edit)

Hi, I'm new here, just started today. I'm a big Miraculous fan and can't wait to see what I can make here.

Name: Draco

Animal/Beast: Wyvern

Gender: Male

Transformation: "Draco, Fly High!"

Detransformation: "Draco, lay low"

Kwami type: Kwami of power-trapping (Able to trap any supervillains power in an infinite void and can only be accessed by the Miraculous holder. Can only be used close range.)

Tool: Wyvern claws

Special power phrase: "Void" (When concentrated, I can trap super villians/heroes in a time state where there frozen time and can't move till detransformed.)

Miraculous: Wyvern pin

Superhero Name: Wyvren

Regular name: Alaster

Kwami's favorite food: Chocolate-chip cookie.

Name:Candy Cotton


Kwami:Kwami of Candy delight

Transformation:Candy ready up for sparkle!

Detransformation:Candy Time for icecream!

Miraculous:Pink+blue Bracelet/Necklace

Tool:Candy Themed Scythe

Power Word: Icecreams illusion


(1 edit)

Name: Zarckk

Animal: fox dragon

Transformation: Zarckk crowlings close.

Detransformation:  Crowlings gone

Miraculous: pin

Tool: bow and arrow

Power word: Wild magic


Name: Momo

Animal: Lynx

Transformation: Momo, time for attack!

Detransformation: Time for relaxation!

Miraculous: Cuff Earring

Abilities: Strong attack the hurt enemy

Power word: Combat

Superhero name: Spotted Lynx

Kwami: Attacking

Weapons: Gloves with claws

Personality: Energetic

Favorite Food: Watermelon

Lunx Kwami

(2 edits) (+2)

Name: Iriis 

Animal: Dinosaur 

Transformation: Irris stomp it up

Detransformation: Quiet down 

Miraculous: Flower headband

Abilities: Prey freeze, stomp, roar, Can shapeshift into different species of dinosaurs.

Power words: Prey freeze.

Superhero name: Dinoboy

Kwami: Intelligence 

Weapons: Dart arrow

Personality: Always deep in thought, quiet and very smart.

Favorite Food: Carrot 🥕 

Age: 1206


Name: Triggé

Animal: Tiger

Transformation: Triggè time to roar

Detransformation: Triggè time to purr

Miraculous: Shoelace

Abilities: Sonic roar, Flight, Scream, Sneaky getaway.

Power words: Low roar, medium roar or high roar.

Superhero name: Striped Tigress

Kwami: Calm

Weapons: Shield 

Personality: Patient, doesn’t get mad easily and quiet.

Favorite Food: Animal crackers


Name: Vesokki

Animal: Devil

Transformation: Vesokki breathe your fire

Detransformation: Vesokki ice breath

Miraculous: Wristwatch 

Abilities: Flight, Breathing fire, Devil Frost, Speed.

Power words: Fire breath or Devil Frost

Superhero name: Devilix

Kwami: Loyalty

Weapons: Boomerang

Personality: Loud, energetic, loves fun

Favorite Food: Popsicles or Ice cream


This is my mom’s Kwami, Pokki. She isn’t just one animal, she’s three different ones. She’s a black demon mouse dragon.

Deleted 149 days ago
(3 edits) (+1)

Hey I’m new here but this is my miraculous kwami.

Name: Zaxx

Animal: Dragon

Transformation: Zaxx rise off the ground

Detransformation: Land softly

Miraculous: Locket

Abilities: flight, shape-shifting, fire dragon, water dragon, air dragon and plant dragon.

Power words: Fire dragon, Water dragon, Air dragon or Plant dragon.

Superhero name: Black Dragoness

Kwami: Swiftness 

Weapon: Bow and arrow

Personality: brave, a bit rash, hot temper

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Hi, your new too? So am I! I just started three days ago.


I really like your Kwamis. I could never have made so many.

My Kwami’s favorite food is meat. She mostly likes rats and insects.


Name: Grac 2.0

Kwami: Kwami of Life

Power: Can bring the dead back to life

Miraculous: Oval diamond earrings 



Transformation words: Grac save lives

De-transformation words: Grac take a break 

Favorite food: Tacos 

Power summon: bring the dead

Weapon: dark purple staff

Holder: Grace (my sister)

Just in case replacement: Aila (me)

This is Arcadia’s twin Aidacra

Same power’s and attribute’s as her sister 

Except the transformation words and de-transformation words 

Transformation words: Aidacra go high

De-transformation words: Aidacra go low

This is my kwami 


Kwami: Kwami of Teleportation 

Ability: teleport (she can think of a place and she will teleport there)

Miraculous: dragon and fox necklace

Age: 100,000,000,000,000

Gender: Female

Transformation words: Arcadia let’s go places 

De-transformation words: Arcadia come home

Favorite food: Ice Cream

Power summon: let’s fly

Weapon: dragon magic

Holder: Aila (my real name)

Just in case replacement: Zoie (my cousin)


Name :Wingblaade
Power: Stare (Blocks off shadow moth from talking and communicating with the supervillan
(2 edits) (-1)
 The First EVIL Kwami!

 Name: Kejathan (Malay for Villainess)

Age: 400

Gender: Female

Animal: Raccoon

Transformation words: Kejathan! Let's steal!

Detransformation words: Kejathan. Let's Escape.

Fav Food: Trash

Owner: Yati Tanggang (Villain Name: Raccoonia)

Miraculous: Collar

Weapon: Switchblade

Powers : Agility & Smoke Manipulation

Power Summon: Run & Steal!/Hasta la vista, Bodoh!

--------------------Owner Status-----------------------

-Name: Yati Tanggang

-Age: 15

-Gender: Female

-BFFs: Jenny, Kaede, Luz, Vista, Henry, Victor



Female 🚺 

Power: very strong 💪 

It' beautiful 

(4 edits)

Name: Aquaa

Gender: male

Age: 21,0000

Animal: Rare "walking fish" Schaefer Angler fish

Tranceformation words: Aqua, light up the sea

Detransformation: lights out

Food: shrimp

Power: glowing so bright he can blind people 😐

Weapon: trident



Gender: male

Age: 15

lives: Florida, celebration

* the blue and the green glow

Kwami's Name: Aash

Gender: Male

Holder Name: Destiny (Super hero name: Wildfire)

To transform: Aash! Lets Burn!

To detransform: Aash, Simmer Down

Miraculous: Double finger ring (with a chain connecting them)

Favorite food: Chili Peppers

Power: Can Create a Flame to seek out one thing

To Activate Power: Flame seek ______ (insert name of object)

Name: RedStone

Gender: Female (girl)

Power: Transformation into animals

Favorite Food: Granola

Holder: Louise Perry (super name: Ginger-Heart)

Transform: RedStone Cats out of the bag

Detransform: RedStone The Cat is caught

Miraculous: Gem Necklac

Kwami name: Plagg

Owner: Adrien Agreste 

Hero name: Cat Noir

Fav Food: Camembert 

How to transform Plagg Claws Out

How to  transform  back Plagg Claws in

Item: ring 

gender; Male

Power: Destruction 

name: Crystall

owner: Averi (Nino's sister)

gender: girl

favorite food: strawberries

power: to heal people that is hurt

miraculous: a butterfly ring 

to transform: Cyrstall spread your wings

to detransform: Crystall close your wings 


Name: Dullo (Dragon)

Kwami of: Camaflage

Gender; female

Miraculous: Ring necklace

Trans words: Dullo blend in

Detrans words: Dullo stand out

Wepon: Whip

Fav food: Bananas  

Holder: Nika Holu Age: 14 Hero name: Sky racer

back story: Dulllo lives in china with her holder Nika untill Nika becomes a transfur student to franswa du pon high school her and Nika then later become fulll time heros like ladybug and cat noir

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